inploi is on a mission is to connect the world’s workforce and its employers, helping people to obtain information, to advertise and access job opportunities, to network and make connections and, ultimately, to help people and companies to be better informed and more successful.

Importantly though, inploi is a community of people. We want that community to be a thriving, happy place that works to the benefit of all of its members. There are a few values which we think are important to make that happen. They are the foundation of our organisation, and we expect our users to embrace them too. Doing so will help to ensure that we create trust and the best possible experience for everybody. In no particular order:

  • Fairness

  • Equality of opportunity

  • Honesty

  • Reliability and accountability

  • Respect for others, whatever their pay grade or position

  • Giving your best

  • Taking pride in your work

  • Compassion and empathy

Our Terms of Use contain the tough love ‘rules of engagement’ but we’ve put together a few notes on what these guidelines mean for you if you’re using the platform as a candidate/professional, or as an employer/company.


inploi was built to help you access information, opportunities, and to empower you to grow your professional network. To make this possible for everybody in the community, we expect the following from you:

  • Be honest: don’t make misrepresentations when completing your profile or when you’re talking about past experience and training with employers. It is pretty easy to verify any claims you make, and you’ll look really bad if you have not been truthful.

  • Be respectful of other people at all times. Period. There is absolutely no room in our community for any sort of abuse, profanity, or absence of mutual respect. Sometimes an employer may not wish to take an application you make forward - this can be frustrating and disappointing. There are many factors that go into making a decision, many of them which have nothing to do with your profile and which are beyond your control. So don’t take it personally!

  • People hire people! Upload pictures that are suitable for a professional environment. That doesn’t mean be in a suit, but it does mean that a photograph of you at 03:00 am after a night out is probably not suitable. The same goes for any profile videos. Any sort of obscenity/nudity/impersonation is not acceptable.

  • Only apply to roles that you are genuinely interested in and available for. Otherwise, you’re wasting people’s time, and that’s just annoying.

  • Be responsive to messages from employers. If you have applied for a role and an employer responds to you or asks if you would like to have an interview, it means they’re considering you for a job. Give them a good impression and get back to them without delay! This is easy to do through the platform, or via email.

  • Be upfront about your employment status. The law is really clear about this - if you want to work in the UK you must have the legal right to do so. If an employer hires somebody who does not have the right to work in the UK they face potentially huge fines, and you could face serious consequences too.

Essentially, behave in a courteous, professional manner and you’ll get on just fine!

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We designed inploi to help you develop your employer brand and hire the best team members quickly and easily - saving you time, money, and helping your company to run more effectively. We’ve built an extensive range of features which make that happen, bringing you the best recruitment marketing platform in the world! These tools help you to reach and interact with the inploi community. For you to get the most out of the product and to add value to our candidate community, you should adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Create a complete and accurate profile and company page. This is the first impression that candidates get of your business - make it a good one! Only use pictures and information that accurately represent the company you work with.

  • Only post real jobs that you are hiring for. Simple enough.

  • Include accurate information in your job listings. Do not misrepresent the role or its pay.

  • Remove job listings (draft/delete them) when a position has been filled and you are no longer hiring. It is disheartening (and a waste of time) when people spend time to research and apply for roles that you are no longer hiring for.

  • Be straightforward, honest, and respectful in your correspondence with all applicants.

  • Be responsive. If you have listed a job and somebody has made an effort to apply for it, you should respond to them. If you do not want to take an application further you can let an applicant know with just the click of a button.

We only work with decent employers, so none of this should be news to you!

You might now be interested in reading our FAQs.

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