General FAQs

What is inploi?

inploi is an online community of professionals and companies, helping people to find jobs and companies to make hires.

More broadly, inploi helps to connect the world’s workforce with employers and with each other, helping them to obtain information, to advertise and access job opportunities, to network and make connections, and ultimately, to help people and companies to be better informed and more successful in their careers.

Can I use inploi on my phone?

Yes! inploi is available and integrated across all devices. If you have a smartphone we suggest that you download the inploi app for the best experience. This is available for iOS and Android devices. If you do not want to download the app you can still use inploi by visiting on your mobile web browser.

Where is inploi currently available?

inploi is available all over the world. Our operations are focussed on the United Kingdom right now, however, and the majority of the opportunities you’ll find on inploi will be in the UK. For professionals, as a networked community, you can sign up, create a profile and build your network, wherever you are in the World! If you’re a company looking to use inploi in your organisation please get in touch.

I can’t remember my password

That’s okay! You can reset your password from the login screen. Just click ‘forgot password’ to run through the recovery process. Enter the email address you registered with and we will send you a special link to reset your account.

Is inploi available outside of London?

Yes! You can use inploi wherever you are. Our candidate community spans the whole of the UK, and employers are listing job opportunities all over the country. If we don’t have any direct job listings in your area, we will lean on our partners to show you opportunities that they may have which are.

What sectors does inploi operate in?

We’re building the future of online recruitment and job discovery, across all roles and sectors. Is there something you’d particularly like to see on inploi? Let us know!

What does inploi cost?

inploi is completely free for professionals/candidates. Companies/employers pay to access the platform. If you’re a company, you will find more information on our pricing page.

How can I change what notifications and alerts I get from inploi?

You can easily adjust the frequency and the type of communications you get by navigating to notification settings in your profile.

Is my data secure?

We take extensive precautions to protect the data you share with us, including features like encryption, SSL, two-factor authentication and other state-of-the art measures to keep your information safe.

What data do you collect and process?

We only collect and process data related to your use of the inploi platform, in order to make the community function, and to help us continually improve the services we provide to you. For more detailed information on this please read our Privacy Policy.

How do I get a copy of my data?

We’ll be glad to give you a copy of any of your data that we hold. Please write to us with a request to [email protected].

I want to form a partnership with inploi

Great! Please head over to our partnerships guidance for more information.

I’ve received an email from you asking for my bank details or other personal information

We will never contact you requesting any personal information and advise you to delete any emails that you receive that do so. Please do not reply to or click on any links in such an email. All approved communications will only ever come from an address. Please contact us immediately if this happens to you, or if you have any other concerns.

Candidate/Professional FAQs

Does it cost anything for candidates/professionals to use inploi?

No! inploi is free for candidates. Companies pay to use inploi.

Do I have to have a profile to apply for jobs through inploi?

Yes, in order to apply for jobs on inploi, you must have registered and created an inploi profile. This is quick and easy to complete! Create your profile now by here.

What is an inploi profile?

An inploi profile is your online professional identity. It is your digital CV/resume, containing the information needed by employers to make decisions about your job applications and for colleagues, co-workers and other professionals to connect with you, expanding your network. Keep this up to date and it will be a useful resource throughout your career. Be sure to include all relevant information, and add some colour by adding pictures and a profile video!

Can I apply with my CV/Resume?

You can upload a CV/resume when you sign-up on inploi to complete your profile. Our technology will read your document and complete your profile for you! It is not possible to send a copy of your CV/resume directly to an employer.

I uploaded my CV but some information is missing or incorrect

Ah, sorry about that! Our technology is super smart, but sometimes it can get confused. You can edit your profile manually at any time. Just log in, clicking on your profile picture, and then click Manage Profile.

What kind of jobs are listed on inploi?

We’re focussed on the hospitality sector (food, beverage and accommodation services in the broadest sense), with leading restaurants, cafes, clubs, pubs, bars, hotels, delis, wine rooms, caterers and related employers using our software. So the majority of jobs are with these sorts of companies, who are looking to connect with talent including chefs, baristas, waiting staff, sommeliers, porters, attendants, kitchen staff, managers, bartenders, assistants, and other potential team members.

Do you have jobs outside of London?

Yes! There are companies listing job opportunities all over the country. If we don’t have any direct job listings in your area, we will lean on our partners to show you opportunities that they may have which are.

I’ve been invited for a trial shift by an employer. Will I be paid?

We encourage companies to pay people for doing trial shifts, or at the very least to cover their travel expenses. However, we have no involvement in this decision - please ask the company you are dealing with about this.

I need a VISA to get to the UK. Can you help me with this?

Unfortunately we are not able to help people with their immigration matters, and we are not able to sponsor visas for people to come to the United Kingdom. Please discuss this directly with any employers you have connected with. Generally however employers are not in a position to sponsor visas. You may find this resource helpful in determining your status.

How many jobs can I apply to?

You can apply for as many jobs as you like! However, you are only able to have one pending application with a single employer. This is because if you have applied for a job, employers will automatically consider whether you are suitable for their other roles too.

Do I have to upload a profile picture and/or a profile video?

You do not have to have a profile picture or a video, but you should think about including one! It doesn't have to be anything smart - a selfie or a video recorded on your phone would work just fine! They help to bring your profile to life, and will help employers, your friends, and your colleagues to find you!

What should I say in my profile video?

The video is an opportunity for you to introduce yourself and give your profile more personality. Kind of like an animated cover letter. You might find our Guide to Profile Videos useful.

What happens if I ‘favourite’ a job?

‘Favouriting’ a job adds it to your list of favourites. You can use this feature to save jobs that you are interested in, and return to them later to compare and apply.

I have registered on inploi but cannot apply for jobs

To be able to make applications you need to have a certain amount of information on your profile. The profile status bar will guide you to adding what you need to. If you have a complete profile and still cannot apply, please contact us and we’ll look into it right away.

I’ve applied for a job - what next?

Great! The employer has been notified and will be reviewing your application. If they wish to take your application forward they will connect with you and you will be notified. You can then speak with them via inploi’s chat function and inbuilt voice calling. If they do not want to take the application forward you will also receive a notification.

I applied to a job by mistake! What should I do?

Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us! You can easily withdraw an application by logging in and navigating to your applications view.

I want to delete my account

Oh no, that is bad news. If there is anything we can do to improve your experience then let us know. If you really want to delete your account, please email us at [email protected] and we’ll erase your account and all of your data asap. If you wouldn’t mind, please let us know why you’re leaving inploi to help us improve the experience for the rest of our users.

I’ve received an email from you asking for my bank details or other personal information

We will never contact you requesting any personal information and advise you to delete any emails that you receive that do so. Please do not reply to or click on any links in such an email. All approved communications will only ever come from an address. Please contact us immediately if this happens to you or if you have any other concerns.

Can I apply to jobs in the UK if I live overseas?

Yes, you can apply from anywhere. If you are going to work in the United Kingdom you must be sure that you have the legal right to do so however. You might find our guide to working in the UK legally a helpful resource.

I don’t want my profile to be public

Profiles are set by public view by default. You can make your profile private (only viewable to you, employers you have applied to, and to premium employers). You can edit your visibility settings from your dashboard.

How can I contact an employer?

If you have applied for a job, the employer advertising the position will have received your application. If they have reviewed it and decided to connect with you then you will be able to communicate with them via inploi’s inbuilt chat function and voice calling. Until you have been connected with you’ll have to sit tight. We will chase up employers who have not responded to you.

How do I get skills endorsements?

You can get skill endorsements from people who have connected with you. These can be either candidate/professional connections, or employers that you have connected with. Invite your co-workers, colleagues, friends and other like-minded professionals to join the inploi community in order to expand your network and get endorsed for skills demonstrated through work you’ve done in the past.

Can I download a copy of my profile?

Yes! You can download your profile as a PDF directly from your profile page. You could even use this as a resume to send to others if you need one. Or just send them directly to your profile’s URL!

Employer/Company FAQs

Do I have to register to list job vacancies?

Yes. In order to start using inploi to find staff you need to create a company account. Once you have setup your employer profile and your company page, you’re good to go!

How do I post a job?

Listing a job is quick and easy. Just log in to your account, navigate to the dashboard, and click ‘List a Job’.

I can't find the job title I need

Sorry about that! Get in touch with a request and, if it is broadly relevant to the community, we’ll add it ASAP. If you don’t want to wait just list the role with the ‘Other’ title - we can update this for you later.

Can I send a bulk message to all of my applicants?

Yes! You can perform bulk actions from your dashboard, for instance if you are having a recruitment day and want to message all of your applicants.

I’ve input my address but inploi isn’t registering my location

If you’ve input your postcode and your company’s name doesn’t show up in the drop-down list you can input it manually. Just type the correct name/address into the available fields.

Can I create templates for job descriptions?

Yes! This is a premium feature. Enterprise account administrators can also set these at a company level, ensuring consistency across their sites.

Can someone help me setup my account/company page?

Of course, we’d be glad to. Please get in touch - the team is standing by to assist.

How much does it cost to use inploi?

inploi’s pricing is simple, transparent, and flexible - whatever the size of your organisation. Please visit our pricing page for more information and pricing FAQs.

I want to try inploi before deciding if it is right for my organisation.

No problem! You can use inploi completely free and without any strings attached for 14 days on our trial plan.

Can I get a demonstration of inploi for myself/my team?

Of course, we’d be glad to show you how it works, either in person, or online. We’d also be glad to run a training session for multiple users if you’re a bigger enterprise. Please get in touch to arrange.

What functionality do I get if I am on a trial plan?

If you’re on a trial you’ll get access to all basic features for a 15 day period. You will be able to list up to 3 jobs, receive applications, connect with candidates and make some hires!

What happens when my trial plan runs out?

Once your 14-day trial has expired you will no longer be able to use most inploi features. You will still be able to access your account, to edit your company page, and to take certain actions on your jobs. If your jobs are live you will still receive applications but you will not be able to connect or communicate with candidates until you have upgraded your plan.

I don’t want to sign-up to a subscription plan. Can I just buy a job post?

With levels of staff turnover as high as they are in hospitality, it is likely that you will have an ongoing need for staff at different levels, and an ongoing need for inploi. Our subscription plans are the most cost-effective option. If you’re sure that you just want a one-off post then a job post is all you need.

Why do I have to pay?

Hundreds of thousands of hours of work has gone into building inploi, and millions of lines of code have been written to create our software. That doesn’t happen for free! We also work hard to get you suitable applicants for your jobs and, where necessary, invest in acquiring them for you on a job by job basis. We aim to be cost-effective, but we need to keep the company going too.

What is the inploi partner network? How does it work?

In order to reach candidates wherever they are on the internet and to get maximum exposure for your jobs, we have partnered with a number of the world’s biggest job sites. When you publish a job on inploi we will leverage this network to get you applications, wherever you need them. All applications will be received in you inploi dashboard, so you don’t have to worry about managing multiple platforms!

I’m not a hospitality company. Can I still use inploi?

Whilst we’re concentrating on hospitality right now, the professionals using inploi have a wide range of past experience and training. It is likely that there are people with just the skills you are looking for, particularly if you are a retailer, a shop, a tourism operator or similar! If you’re unsure whether inploi is right for you please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. One of the team will be glad to discuss your needs.

How long is my job live for?

Jobs stay live for 30 days. If you are on a subscription plan you can refresh them at any time, extending the time that they are visible. You will receive a notification when your jobs expire, reminding you to take action.

Do I have to pay applicants for trial shifts?

It is up to you but please be transparent with candidates about this. If you’re trialling somebody, they’re giving you their labour, so at the very least you should cover their travel costs to get to you. Don’t treat people badly, that’s not cool.

What companies do you work with?

We help the UK’s leading hospitality companies attract talent and strengthen their employer brands, streamlining the entire recruitment process. You can see a handful of the companies we work with here.

What type of jobs is inploi best at delivering candidates for?

inploi’s growing community is incredibly diverse and is home to candidates interested in jobs at all levels. Front of house, back of house, managers, drivers; people with Michelin star experience and people with no experience at all. Employers advertise and fill vacancies at all levels. inploi’s partner network is also a powerful tool that helps us to reach whoever you’re looking for, wherever they are on the internet.

In the past people I’ve invited for interview have not turned up when they said they would. What do you do about that?

Whilst we have no control over the behaviour of candidates, we have taken extensive steps to address this problem. If you schedule a meeting through inploi candidates will receive reminders the day before, the day of, and an hour before a scheduled appointment.

Can I search for candidate profiles?

Yes, you can search the network to find your perfect candidates and invite them to apply for your jobs. This is a premium feature. For more info, visit the pricing page.

What is a company page?

Company pages are profiles for your company. They give you an opportunity to tell your story and answer the question “Why should I work with you?”, including images, videos, and blog content. Any jobs that you have live will also be displayed here. People can follow pages in order to get updates from your company and notifications if you have new vacancies.

How do I edit my company details and other information?

Login to your account and click on your profile picture to get to edit options.

I want to list more than 10 jobs

No problem! Sounds like you’d be an enterprise user. Get in touch with us and one of the team will get you set up asap.

I turned down a candidate’s application by mistake, can I get them back?

Yes, you can undo this action from your employer dashboard.

I have listed multiple jobs - can the same person apply to more than one of them?

No. If you have more than one job live, each candidate will only be able to submit an application for one of them. If you have received their application for a specific job but think that they would be better suited to another role in your organisation it is up to you to tell them this.

I have filled my job. Can I take down my listing?

Absolutely. You can either delete your job, or make it inactive by ‘drafting it’. Do this from the My Jobs link in your employer dashboard.

What happens to the candidates I connect with for a job when that job is deleted/expires?

When you connect with a candidate you will remain connected for as long as you are using inploi, or until you remove the connection. Having connected you will be able to invite them to apply for future job vacancies and communicate with them through the platform whenever you want to.

Am I GDPR compliant if I use inploi?

Yes. Provided you use inploi as it is built and do not remove people’s personal data from the platform we remain the data controller and data processor for purposes of GDPR. You may be interested in reading our guide to GDPR.

What happens to applications I have received but not connected with when I remove a job from inploi?

Any applications from candidates whom you have not connected with when you delete a job will be lost.

I have a hard to fill job/am not getting much traction on my listing

There is a lot of competition out there for the best staff! Make sure that you have completed your company profile and that your job listing contains enough information to interest potential candidates. Get in touch if you would like us to help you with this. To get your job maximum exposure you could also feature it.

Can I download a copy of candidate profiles?

If you have connected with a candidate you can download a PDF copy of their profile. Please be aware of your GDPR obligations if you remove any information from the inploi platform. You can read our guidance on this for more information of your duties if you hold and process people’s data.

Technical FAQs

Image Uploading

All images should be under 20mb in size and formatted as JPEG or PNG. Here are some size guidelines:

  • Candidate Profile Picture/Avatar:

  • Minimum: 250x250px

  • Maximum: 1000x1000px

  • Profile Gallery Images:

  • Minimum: 500x500px

  • Maximum: 1000x1000px

  • Company Profile Picture/Avatar:

  • Minimum: 250x250px

  • Maximum: 1000x1000px

  • Company Cover Image:

  • Minimum: 660x390px

  • Maximum: 2500x2500px

  • Company Gallery Images:

  • Minimum: 500x500px

  • Maximum: 1000x1000px

Video Uploading

You can upload videos with unlimited bitrates, up to 2gb in size.

Updating your app

You can update your app version by clicking here for iOS and Android or by checking app update settings on your device.

Is my data secure

We take extensive precautions to protect the data you share with us, including features like encryption, SSL, two-factor authentication and other state-of-the art measures to keep your information safe.

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