We know that applying to jobs can be stressful, and often it’s hard to tell why your previous applications were unsuccessful. Here we give you top insights into what hospitality employers are looking for right now, and how to make the most out of your inploi profile!

Tip 1: Complete every section of your profile

Your profile is the first thing that an employer will see, and it’s important to make a good first impression. inploi candidate profiles are made up of 8 sections:

  1. Contact details

  2. Photos & Videos

  3. About

  4. Experience

  5. Skills

  6. Education

  7. Training & Certification

  8. Languages

When you apply for a job, inploi’s AI-matching technology will give your profile a score relative to the job description. If you’re applying to this job, it’s important to think about adding key terms like 'Barista experience, Friendly, Customer service-focussed' to your profile. This will give you a higher matching score for the job!

That said, employers only use these match scores as a guidance. So if you don’t have any prior experience, that’s ok! You can still make your profile stand out. Keep reading more to find out how.

Tip 2: Make sure your profile is up-to-date

Whether you have 10 years’ experience in hospitality, 2 years in construction, or no work experience at all; it’s important that you include accurate and informative details in your profile.

It’s part of inploi’s Community Guidance that all information in your profile should be honest, and a true representation of you. (That means no impersonating or fabricating the truth!).

Tip 3: Add images and videos

Adding images and a video to your profile really help to make it standout from the crowd. Employers want to hire people who are genuine, and photos/videos are a fantastic way of telling them more about who you are, and where your talents and interests lie. Let’s break these down:

Avatar (Profile picture)

Your Avatar is the first picture that an employer will see of you. It should be an honest and professional depiction of who you are. If you’re a chef, don’t be afraid to ask someone to photograph you in your chef whites. If you’re an aspiring Barista, ask a friend to photograph you with a coffee in hand. Whatever you feel shows the best side of you and your talents, make the most of this space to showcase your personality and passion. Lastly, make sure you are well-presented, the photograph is taken somewhere with good light.

A picture says 1,000 words. Gallery photos are an optional addition to your profile, and they don’t have to be all pictures of you if you don’t want them to be! Looking for inspiration? Try photographing your best dishes, latte art successes, or event spaces you have prepared. If you have any pictures of you at work, feel free to add these too.


Videos are an optional addition to your inploi profile. Employers consider them the quickest way for you to introduce yourself and make a great first impression.

Things to think about when recording a profile video:

  • Introduce yourself, speak a little about your background/previous experience, and briefly explain what you’re looking for in your next job.

  • Finish with a strong ‘Thank you’, and ‘I look forward to meeting you soon!’.

  • Make sure you’re well-presented and the video is taken in a location with good light.

  • Try to edit the beginning and end of the clip to avoid any footage of you sorting the camera.

  • Speak clearly and remember to smile!

If you’d prefer not to do an introductory video, try showcasing your skills instead. Are you a Bartender, Mixologist, Barista or Chef? Use this space to demonstrate what you can do!

Tip 4: Focus on recent (and relevant) experience

It’s easy to get carried away adding information dating back to the start of your career. As a rule of thumb, it’s best to talk about your work experience from the last 5 years. If you’ve had an array of careers in the past, make sure you focus on those most applicable to the job(s) you’re applying to.

Have you taken a career break, or perhaps you’re just starting your career? No problem! Add as much relevant experience as possible, and use the larger sections in your profile to explain your journey to date.

Tip 5: Stay on top of your applications

Creating your profile is just Step 1 to job success! From here you can click ‘Apply’ on any jobs that take your interest, and check your progress in your inploi dashboard.

Download the inploi app to receive message notifications from employers, as well as tailored job alerts!

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