Are you thinking of starting a coffee shop and want to know how to tackle the challenge of recruiting for your cafe? Here’s inploi’s top guide on how to find the staff you need to get your cafe up and running.

Hiring doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg

Recruiting costs skyrocket when you don’t plan ahead. Once you have your initial team established, it’s wise to anticipate turnover and think about hiring for your cafe on an ongoing basis. 

Do: Consider the long term savings of ongoing recruitment. Using subscription recruitment tools keep hiring costs lower over time for your cafe. It’s best to take an active approach - checking in on applications when possible.

Avoid: Last minute job postings. Because of the competition for good staff, these are costly to run on a one-off basis and time-consuming to set-up. Worst case scenario you’re still looking for to hire after assessing 100s of CVs!

Present Barista = Future Manager

Upskilling your team is often the most effective way to create a great company culture, and reduce staff turnover rates.

Do: Give new applicants and current staff (particularly those who you have taken time to train such as Barista and Supervisors) a clear career path that they are able to follow with your company. Take the time to get to know their goals, and reward their enthusiasm!

Avoid: Drop-off rates from people taking their skills and knowledge elsewhere. Great company culture starts with building out a strong relationship with your team. 

Company culture is key in the coffee industry

Be careful not to confuse a good Barista with the right Barista for your company. They might be able to pour the perfect flat white, but what do they value in the workplace?

Do: Ask a mix of technical and value-based questions at the interview stage, and even get other team members involved at the interview process. This will give you a strong overview of whether the candidate is a good fit for your team and business.

Avoid: Giving off the wrong impression. Skilled Baristas are in high demand, so the hiring process is also about selling your business to them. Be friendly, communicate promptly, share your passion, and convey what you can offer to them.

You’re all set! Get started hiring great cafe team members on inploi.

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