Welcome! If you want to learn more about getting set up on inploi, you’ve come to the right place.

inploi is the best way for hospitality companies to find staff, and for people looking to work in the sector to find jobs, providing a seamless cross-platform service for maximum accessibility and efficiency.

It is quick and easy to join and start using inploi. This guide will take you through the basics. 

inploi is designed to make showcasing your employer brand and hiring team members quick and easy - saving you time and money, and helping your company to run more effectively. To get started, just follow these steps:

Create an account and sign up to a plan

To start using inploi you first need to choose which plan you’d like to use. You have a few options :

  • The Trial Plan - if you’re new and would like to try inploi before taking out a paid plan then this is for you. Use it for free and without inputting any payment details for a period of 15 days. You’ll get full access to all basic features and 3 free job listings. Once your 15 days are up you’ll need to upgrade to a paid plan to continue using the platform.

  • Basic Plan - sign-up to a basic plan for a no-frills option with all the basic features you need to advertise jobs and make hires. Select as many job slots as you need

  • Premium Plan - the gold standard, with access to the full feature set, including multiple sites, account contact and the ability to search the network. Select as many job slots as you need.

  • The Enterprise Plan - a bespoke solution for bigger organisations or those with unique situations. Contact us to discuss your needs and to get up and running.

In addition to deciding on the above you’ll also need to choose whether you want to sign up for a rolling monthly subscription, an annual subscription, or if you want to buy limited 30 day access. Our pricing page has all of the information you need.

Make payment (you’ll skip this step if you’re on a trial plan)

Enter your payment details to buy your plan. All payments are processed by Stripe, with all details encrypted and transferred securely. Unfortunately, it is not possible to make payment in any other way unless you are an enterprise user.

Complete your company page (or skip this step and go straight to listing a job)

Company pages give you an opportunity to tell your story and answer the question “Why should I work with you?”. Include images, videos, social media links, and blog content alongside any jobs that you have live. Candidates follow the pages they’re interested in and are notified when you list a job or publish an update.

Create a job listing

To create engaging job listings we need you to upload images and a company logo to give your opportunities some colour. Add a well-constructed job description - including wage details, skills and experience requirements, and the location of the job. You’ll see a preview of the listing before you publish it to the inploi community and our partner network.

The employer dashboard

The employer dashboard is mission control for your inploi account. You can view and edit all of your personal and company details here, as well as your job listings and company page. You can also review and engage with your applicants and connections.

Receiving applications

When you receive an application to your job you’ll get a notification. Visit your dashboard and navigate to My Jobs to start to review profiles. Click on the job you’re interested in to see everybody who has applied, and where they are in your hiring pipeline. Click on a profile to review it.

Making connections

If you would like to take an application forward you can ‘connect’ with a candidate. This will send the candidate a notification, and unlock the ability for the two of you to communicate. If you have received an application that you do not want to take forward then you can decline it. The candidate will get a notification informing them that their application has been unsuccessful and their profile will be removed from your dashboard.


Having looked at their profiles, you can add the candidates you like to a shortlist. This will move them along the candidate funnel, making it easy for you to revisit those you think are promising.

Communicating with connections & scheduling meetings

You can communicate with your connections via text chat, voice calling, or video calls, directly through the inploi platform. You can also send meeting requests to candidates: when they accept these will be added to both of your calendars, and synced with the calendars on your devices. You can send requests for a few different types of meetings:

  • A voice call

  • A video interview

  • An on-site interview

  • An on-site trial shift

If the request is accepted, we’ll notify both you and the candidate ahead of time to remind each of you to show up! From here it is over to you to make a decision about whether or not to hire the candidate.

Building your own candidate database

If you connect with somebody they will remain a connection for as long as you (or they) do not remove the connection. You can engage with them after the job listing has been deleted, and even invite them to apply for future vacancies that you may have.

Searching the network

There are thousands of profiles on inploi, many of which may be just the candidate you are looking for! You can search the inploi network to find these people - using things like job title, past experience, and name - and invite them to apply for your vacancies. 

Developing a following for your company page

People who follow your company page will get notifications whenever you post an update or list a job. Growing your following will increase the engagement on your jobs and help to strengthen your employer brand. You could share it on social media, with your contacts, and even add a link to it on your website. Get in touch if you’d like help with this.

Congratulations! You’re now well on your way to getting the most from inploi and joining the future of recruitment! 

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