Welcome! If you want to learn more about getting set up on inploi, you’ve come to the right place.

inploi is the best way for hospitality companies to find staff, and for people looking to work in the sector to find jobs, providing a seamless cross-platform service for maximum accessibility and efficiency.

It is quick and easy to join and start using inploi. This guide will take you through the basics. 

inploi was built to help you access information, opportunities, and to empower you to grow your professional network. To get started just follow these steps:

Register and create an account, using any of the following

  • Email

  • Your LinkedIn account

  • Your Facebook account

  • By uploading a copy of your CV or Resume

Complete your inploi profile

This is your online professional identity which you use to apply for jobs and other opportunities. Take a look at our how to create a great profile guide to help you stand out. You can add information to your profile manually, or if you upload a CV or resume, our super-smart document reading technology will create one for you.

Invite people to connect with you, grow your network, and get endorsed for skills

Search the inploi network for people you know and invite them to connect with you. Can’t find them? Invite them to join inploi from your candidate dashboard to grow your network and get rewards and other perks! Once you’re connected you can chat and call through inploi too!

Find and follow company pages

Under the companies tab you’ll find all of the employers who are members of the community. You can find them through the search function too. Look through company pages to learn a little more about them and to see what jobs they’re currently hiring for. Follow companies you’re interested in to receive updates from them and to get notifications when they list any new opportunities. You get perks for following pages too!

Search and apply for job opportunities

Navigate to the jobs page or use the search bar to find and apply for jobs that are open. Read through the job description before deciding if you’d like to apply so you know what it entails and if it is right for you. You can favourite jobs you’re interested in so you can return to them and apply later. These will be stored in your ‘favourites’ list. If you’ve found a job you like and which you’d like to do, then click apply!

The post-application phase

When you apply for a job the employer is notified and receives a copy of your inploi profile (and all of the information you’ve added, including videos, images, etc.) to review. If they like your application and think you could be suitable for the role (or would be suitable for another position that they are hiring for), they will ‘connect’ with you to take things forward. We’ll let you know if this happens! If your application has been received and the employer does not want to take things forward, they’ll turn it down. We’ll let you know if that happens too. If your application is unsuccessful don’t worry - there are plenty of other jobs available!

Communicating with employers after a connection

If an employer has connected with you it means they want to speak with you regarding the job! Well done. Once you are connected you can chat with the employer using chat or voice calls, direct from the inploi app or website.

Responding to meeting requests

Once you are connected, employers may send a request asking to schedule a voice/video call to conduct an interview, to set up an in-person interview, or to arrange a trial shift. Accept the request and it’ll be added to your calendar, and synced with your device’s calendar. We’ll also remind you ahead of time so that you don’t forget to show up!

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