The inploi company page is home to your recruitment marketing. Company pages are a space to showcase jobs and develop an employer brand, telling your story and providing all the information an applicant needs to make a decision about whether to apply to work with you. In an increasingly competitive market, it is vital to make a good impression! Pages are publicly visible and get indexed by search engines, so the more complete they are, the better. 

Company pages help match candidates to the right company cultures, improving conversion rates and staff retention. Be sure to include as much information about your brand story and company ethos as possible, as well as plenty of eye-catching, high-quality images (and a company/recruitment video if you have one - if not, we can help, let us know!). The images uploaded to a page will also add personality to job listings. 

A company page is made up of the following parts:

  • Company logo/avatar 

  • Company cover image

  • About (a company description)

  • Links to your website and social media accounts

  • Recently added jobs (auto-generated from your job listings)

  • A map showing your location (auto-generated)

  • An image gallery (up to 5 pictures)

  • A video 

  • A feed of your recent page updates (create updates from the employer dashboard)

Here is some general guidance for completing each field of your company page:

Company logo/avatar

  • Minimum size: 250x250px

  • Suggested size: 1000x1000px

Company cover image

  • Minimum size: 660x390px

  • Suggested size: 2000x600px

About (company description)

This is an opportunity to tell candidates more about your company. Things to consider including:

  • What is your company story?

  • How do you look at career progression?

  • Do you provide training opportunities?

  • What is it like to work with you?

  • Are you an independent or part of a group?

  • How big is your team?

  • Are you expanding?

  • What makes your company special?

  • What characteristics do you value in your team members?

Social media

Links give candidates quick access to your social media pages. You can add Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and a link to your website.

Recently added jobs (auto-generated)

Pulled from your account, all your latest job listings are shared on your company page. Candidates can apply directly from your company page.

Map (auto-generated)

A map showing where all your jobs are located gives candidates easy searchability when looking for positions near them.

Image gallery

Add up to 5 images to your page.

  • Minimum size: 660x390px

  • Suggested size: 2500x2500px

Video (optional)

  • Size File Limit: 2GB

Recent updates

Your Recent updates feed is a fantastic way for you to share the latest company news with your candidates. Perhaps you’re hosting a Recruitment Day, listed a new job, or opened a new site? Let people know with a quick post to your feed. You can create page updates via ‘manage page’ in your employer dashboard. 


People who follow your company page will get notifications whenever you post an update or list a job. Growing your following will increase the engagement on your jobs and help to strengthen your employer brand. You could share it on social media, with your contacts, and even add a link to it on your website. Contact us if you’d like help with this. 

And voila! You've got a beautiful company page.

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