I don’t want my profile to appear in search results

No problem! That is easy to fix. If you are looking to remove your information from searches, either on the inploi platform or on search engines like Google, then all you’ve got to do is update your visibility settings.

How do I update my profile visibility settings?

You can update your inploi profile visibility settings from the Profile edit view. This link will take you there: edit your profile. Once you have this page opened (you will need to be logged in) scroll down to “Profile Settings” and edit your “Profile Visibility”.

What are my profile visibility options?

You have three options for your profile visibility: Visible, Private, or Hidden. Changing your visibility settings allow you to change how you use the platform at different times, so you can keep your profile even when you have a job, for the next time you want to use it!

If your profile is set to Visible it will be indexed in search results and will be visible to other inploi users. Note that your profile details are only visible to other logged in users.

If you set your profile to Private your profile will only be visible to you and to your connections. It will not appear in search results.

If you set your profile to Hidden it will only be visible to you and to employers you apply to. It will not appear in search results, and your connections will not be able to view your profile.

I changed my visibility settings but I am still appearing in search engine results

Don’t worry, this is normal. After you have changed your visibility settings to Private or Hidden it can take a few days for the search engines to de-index (remove) the profile from their results. It will be cleared out soon!

I want to delete my inploi account

Our users’ experience is at the heart of what we do, so we’re really sorry to hear that you want to leave the community. If there is anything we can do to make you change your mind, or if you need help with the platform or with your account please then we’re here to help - just write to [email protected] - and we’ll be happy to provide support in person.

If you’re sure you want to delete your profile then you can do this via your personal information settings. You can access these by following the link, or by clicking on your avatar, navigating to settings, and clicking on ‘Edit’ personal information. Scroll down and click “Delete Account”. Please note that this will permanently delete your account and erase your data. It is not reversible.

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